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File Change Detection

We keep on eye on your files to make sure files aren’t added or hijacked. Our security tools monitor your files to make sure they haven’t changed.

Brute Force Protection

We’ll limit the amount of failed login attempts a user can have. Allowing a bot an unlimited number of guesses at your password, could lead to trouble. We will monitor for Brute Force Attacks and lock out users accordingly.

Dashboard Access

With WordPress being the largest CMS platform on the web, it common that most bots and hackers are crawling the web for the default WordPress login page. Our security tools change your site login to a URL of your choice.

Lock Out Bad Users

Our tools will keep pesky users from accessing your site if they have had a lot of 404 attempts, too many failed logins, or if they’re on a bot blacklist.

Offsite Backup Storage

What happens if your server goes down? You can’t afford to loose your site and all its backups. That’s why we offer offsite backup storage from Amazon S3, Dropbox, Backspace Cloud, FTP or delivered as a simple Email attachment.

Scheduled Backups

We will complete Monthly, Weekly or Daily backups so you don’t need to. For our All-In Subscribers, we can send your backups to a off-site destination of your choice.

Online File Comparisons

Our security tools compare changes made to all WordPress core files on your system, with the version available on WordPress.org to seek out malicious and unwanted changes.

Full Backups or Database Backups

Does your sites file structure change a regular basis or does your database contain critical customer order information? We can come up with a backup plan that fits your needs and storage space.

Strong Password Enforcement

Your sites security is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why we can enforce strong passwords for users with higher privileges and site access.